Help Baby Arya with her sleep time routine!
Brush her teeth and give her a shower before she goes to sleep, hygiene care is important for Baby Arya Games.
Then make a bed for her, put some toys and finally, tell her a good night story.
She may wake up in the middle of her sleep, soothe her with lullabies and kisses.
KEEP her HAPPY and get more bonus points.
It’s sleeping time! The stars are shining in the sky and the moon is smiling.
Our princess Baby Arya is sleepy, please help her for bed time by brushing her teeth, taking a shower and dressing her for the bed.
It was fun taking a shower, now let’s make the bed ready for her.
Spread the bed sheet and place bunkers, blankets and pillows in place. Don’t forget to place her favourite toys in bed.
CONTROLS Use mouse to interact with Baby Arya.
Baby Arya enjoys listening bed time stories, tell her favourite story; Red Riding Hood.
She may get scared while she listens to the story. She needs loveable touches and lullabies at that time.
After the story, feed her milk, do prayers and play lullabies for her good night sleep.
CONTROLS Use mouse to interact with Baby Arya.
Baby Arya looks sooooo cute in her sleep. But bad dreams may turn this smiley face to a scared face.
Show love and care Baby Arya if dreams trouble her while sleeping.
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Hello! I'm Baby Arya. I'm 3 years old. I'm studying in nursery. This is my games website. Baby Arya wants to play with you? Come to play!

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