Baby Arya wants to have some fun in the kitchen today!
Today’s menu includes Yummy Vegetable Soup and Pureed Apples.
First we need to shop for required tools and ingredients.
Then take Baby Arya to the kitchen and help her in cooking.
Finally arrange the food on the table with Arya and feed her the taste meal.
Baby Arya is shopping for required kitchen tools and ingredients. Please help her to pick up required items.
Baby Arya has got all required stuffs for cooking. Go to the kitchen and help her to cook a healthy vegetable soup and pureed apples.
Those delicious food make Baby Arya hungry. Please help her to set up the table so she can enjoy her meal.
Mmmm, food smells so gooood!
Baby Arya’s pet puppy is waiting for her to have lunch too.
Feed Baby Arya whatever she wants and keep her satisfied during her meal and also take care of puppy’s needs too.
CONTROLS Use mouse to interact with Baby Arya.
We want to hear your voice!
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Hello! I'm Baby Arya. I'm 3 years old. I'm studying in nursery. This is my games website. Baby Arya wants to play with you? Come to play!

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